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The ACE Bus Visits Chicago

The Alliance for Catholic Education has expanded its already strong presence in Chicago. A group of teachers in the ACE Service Through Teaching initiative established an intentional faith community in the city during this academic year--ACE’s first such house in Chicago.

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    • Sweet Home, Chicago

      Sweet Home, Chicago

      By Eric Prister, on Thursday, 03 April 2014

      ACE believes that Catholic schools are good for America; we believe that Cathoilc schools form faith-filled, civically-minded, intelligent adults ready to change the world, and what better place to form them than the city with which we share so much.

    • Mr. Minnesota Nice

      Mr. Minnesota Nice

      By Alec Torigian, on Wednesday, 02 April 2014

      Dave "Mr. J" Johnson has been the PE teacher at St. Raphael's in Crystal, MN (near Minneapolis) since 1977. He is also the Athletic Director, Health and Science teacher, and coach for several high school basketball teams in the Twin Cities. The longevity and variety of his dedication to Catholic schools in the Twin Cities, however, are not the only things that makes him special.

    • Embracing the Challenge: Texas Shows a Zeal for Education

      Embracing the Challenge: Texas Shows a Zeal for Education

      By Eric Prister, on Friday, 28 March 2014

      Throughout Texas, from Austin to San Antonio, from Corpus Christi to the Valley, teachers, students, parents, and administrators showed us just what it means to be zealous for Catholic schools.

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