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ACE Visits Portland, OR

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As part of the University Consortium for Catholic Education, ACE is proud to be in partnership with the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Portland, working together to sustain, strengthen, and transform Catholic schools. PACE teachers serve a number of schools across the Pacific Northwest--in Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Utah and California.

Where We’ll Be

Thursday, May 15

8:50  am PST - School visit at Holy Redeemer Catholic School

127 N. Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97217

Award Recipients

About the Awards

The University of Notre Dame Sorin Award for Service to Catholic Schools

Born and raised in Portland, Rev. Msgr. Timothy Murphy attended All Saints Grade School before entering Central Catholic High School in 1954. Just after his ordination in 1967, the then Father Murphy returned to teach at Central Catholic. Except for eight years as president of Regis Catholic High School in Stayton, Ore., Fr. Murphy has served Central Catholic ever since--as teacher, counselor, coach, principal, president, and now president emeritus. Msgr. Murphy has been an inspiration and friend to all in the Central Catholic community during his long tenure there. Admiring students and fellow teachers maintain a Facebook page for him.

In 2009, at the age of 69, Msgr. Murphy took his love for Catholic schools to a new level through what was called his “Leap of Faith”--a 13,500 foot skydive over Molalla, Ore. Part of an auctioned event to fund tuition assistance at his high school, the jump raised $16,200 and made Msgr. Murphy a legend. Msgr. Murphy personifies the zeal for life and love found in Catholic school communities..

The University of Notre Dame Sorin Award for Service to Catholic Schools

In an interview for Portland Business Journal in 2007, David Brands named Catholic education as his favorite cause and helping disadvantaged kids as his greatest passion. Brands and his wife, Julie, have demonstrated their dedication by donating significant time, resources, and funds to promote Catholic education through scholarship and fundraising. They have shown their keen interest in their own children’s education at Jesuit Catholic High School.

Their daughter, Elizabeth, taught in Tulsa as part of the ACE 13 cohort. Now, the Brands serve on the ACE Advisory Board.They have also initiated plans to start a stewardship foundation for the Diocese of Portland that would serve much like the Fulcrum Foundation in Seattle, aiming to transform schools’ business and governance models, jump-start innovative programs, and offer scholarships to students, focusing on sustainability rather than “quick fixes.”