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Teaching and Learning

The Notre Dame ACE Academies Model emphasizes continuous improvement in the multiple dimensions of schooling, including Catholic school culture, advancement, and teaching and learning.

Through targeted efforts in teaching and learning, Notre Dame ACE Academies partnerships address areas such as leadership, family/community engagement,  learning environment, and instructional guidance.


Notre Dame ACE Academies provides on-going leadership formation for principals and research-based evaluation tools that give school leaders concrete feedback for improvement and assist the School Leadership Committee of the regional Notre Dame ACE Academies board in holding principals accountable for school improvement.

Notre Dame ACE Academies also facilitates access to the expertise of Notre Dame faculty, and provides principals with intensive, on-going support in curriculum, instruction and coaching, assessment, school culture, and Catholic identity.

Learning Climate

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Notre Dame ACE Academies have access to annual instructional and curricular resource upgrades, and Notre Dame ACE Academies provides teachers with training and support in use of new materials. Teachers are prepared to constantly reassess and meet their students’ needs.  

Professional Capacity

Notre Dame ACE Academies conducts regular Teacher Leadership Formation (TLF) workshops to implement the Notre Dame ACE Academies Framework for Excellent Teaching, and facilitate the development of professional learning communities both within and across school communities.  The Framework for Excellent Teaching and professional learning communities together establish a professional culture of excellence and provide teachers with support to meet all their students’ needs.

Family/Community Engagement

Parents are the primary educators of their children. Notre Dame ACE Academies honors this and creates opportunities for families to be engaged in their children’s education by hosting community events and developing family programming. In addition, Notre Dame ACE Academies connects regional Notre Dame alumni and the ACE Advocates to Notre Dame ACE Academies communities.

Instructional Guidance

Each Notre Dame ACE Academies region employs a Teaching and Learning Specialist who provides regular 1-on-1 teacher coaching and advises the Principal on curricular and instructional issues. In addition, Notre Dame ACE Academies provides researched-based feedback and evaluation tools to assist principals in holding teachers accountable for constant improvement in planning, instruction, assessment, and school culture.


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