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The Arizona Individual Tax Credit

Individual scholarship tax credit

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In Arizona, individuals can direct a portion of their tax liability to provide financial assistance that enables students to attend excellent Catholic schools, giving families the opportunity to provide their children with an education that meets their needs and values.

Through the Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO), individuals and couples can contribute to a fund to support children in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Tucson. In their 2013 tax returns, Arizona taxpayers can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions up to $2062 for a couple filing jointly and $1031 for an individual, as long as it doesn’t exceed their annual Arizona tax liability. If they make their contribution by December 31, it may also qualify for a federal tax deduction.

Supporting the students of the Notre Dame ACE Academies in Tucson and providing more children with the opportunity to receive a high-quality education is simple.  A few minutes of your time can help put a child on a trajectory that will affect her whole life.

CTSO has created a fund for the ACE Academies.  Contributions to this fund enable students with the greatest needs to attend any of the three Notre Dame ACE Academies. Click here find out more about the Catholic Tuition Support Organization (CTSO), and name "Notre Dame ACE Academies" as your designated school today!