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ACE seeks nominations for four awards presented to ACE graduates of exemplary distinction. Each award includes a generous honorarium, as well as sponsored travel to campus to receive the award.  (Awardees must be able to be present on campus on the award date to receive their award.).

Please see the award descriptions below and submit your nominations by April 20, 2016. 

1. The Michael Pressley Award for Excellence in Catholic Education is awarded to graduates of the ACE Teaching Fellows program who have been out of the program for between five and ten years, and who have in that time distinguished themselves in making significant contributions to the ministry of Catholic Education.  ACE graduates from cohorts 11-16 are eligible this year.  Contributions toward excellence in Catholic education can be acknowledged from a wide range of life experiences:  as teachers, school leaders, researchers, policy administrators, involved parents, parishioners, and many others.  The award is not reserved for anyone in a particular field or vocation, but for one who has demonstrated excellence and commitment to the mission of Catholic education. *Conferred during ACE Commencement Weekend. (July 8-10, 2016)

2. The Michael Pressley Award for a Promising Scholar in the Education Field honors an ACE graduate whose work in academia echoes Dr. Pressley's commitment to strengthening education through research and scholarship.  Criteria for this award include:  an earned doctorate in the field of education, education policy, or another strongly related field; a current academic position; some publication in scholarly outlets; and a promising future trajectory in research and academia.  Graduates of any of ACE's academic programs are eligible for this award. *Conferred during ACE Commencement Weekend (July 8-10, 2016)

3. The Maureen T. Hallinan Award for Excellence in Catholic Education is presented annually in honor of Dr. Maureen Hallinan, the founding director of Notre Dame’s Institute for Educational Initiatives, the academic home of ACE at Notre Dame. Dr. Hallinan was a world-renowned scholar in the field of Sociology of Education as well as an equally inspired witness to faith, and a deeply beloved colleague to all in ACE. Each year, this award will be bestowed upon an ACE graduate whose post-ACE commitments and work reflect Dr. Hallinan’s love of and transformative service to both the Church and Catholic schools.     *Conferred during the academic year 2015-16

4. The Scott C. Malpass Founders Prize is presented annually to two graduates of ACE Teaching Fellows whose personal embodiment of the three pillars of ACE has inspired them to make an entrepreneurial, high-impact contribution to their communities. As Fr. Tim, Fr. Sean, and Fr. Lou describe ACE’s founding as “improvising on Providence,” the Founders Prize honors ACE graduates whose God-given talents of leadership,  innovation, and  commitment to service on behalf of the Gospel have shaped their vocations and transformed their communities. *Conferred during ACE Commencement Week. (July 7, 2016)

Please submit your nomination, using this form, by April 20, 2016.  Multiple nominations from an individual nominator are welcome; simply return to the form and re-submit. We thank you for considering your friends and peers in this nomination process!

Past recipients of the Michael Pressley Award for Excellence in Catholic Education:

  • 2006: Tom Kessler (ACE 4) and Colleen Knight Santoni (ACE 3)
  • 2007: Kate McCann Ojeda (ACE 4, RLP 2) and Patrick O'Sullivan (ACE 2, RLP 8)
  • 2008: Kelly Walsh Surapaneni (ACE 3) and Benny Morten (ACE 6, RLP 1)
  • 2009: Veronica Flores Alonzo (ACE 4) and Michael Motyl (ACE 8, RLP 5)
  • 2010: Jennifer Siirola Beltramo (ACE 9, RLP 8) and Antonio Ortiz (ACE 5)
  • 2011: Joseph Womac (ACE 7) and Norma Nelson (ACE 10)
  • 2012: Molly Welzbacher Carlin (ACE 7, RLP 2) and Kyle Pietrantonio (ACE 10)
  • 2013: Jessica Gray Werner (ACE 8) and Michael Zelenka (ACE 8, RLP 6)
  • 2014: Libby Brands Vereecke (ACE 13) and Keiran Roche (ACE 13, RLP 11)
  • 2015: Steve Tortorello (ACE 15) and Kate (Linden) Sampson (ACE 10)

Past recipients of the Michael Pressley Award for a Promising Scholar in the Education Field:

  • 2011:  Peter Miller (ACE 4)
  • 2012:  Michael Faggella-Luby (ACE 5)
  • 2013:  David Yeager (ACE 11)
  • 2014:  Ed Bowers (ACE 8)
  • 2015: Anna Egalite (ACE 14)

Past recipients of the Maureen T. Hallinan Award for Excellence in Catholic Education:

  • 2012:  Erik Goldschmidt (ACE 3)
  • 2013:  Katie Baal (ACE 1)
  • 2014:  Annette Romans (ACE 11)

Past recipients of the Scott C. Malpass Founders Prize:

  • 2014:  April Garcia (ACE 12, RLP 10) and John O'Malley (ACE 9)
  • 2015: Jennifer Ehren (ACE 6) and Gregory Gomez (ACE 11)