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Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program

1chad kids and fr  hesburghAn intensive 26-month training program for principals, the Mary Ann Remick Leadership program began in 2002 as a response to Catholic schools’ need for qualified, faith-filled leaders.  Participants earn administrative licensure by interning for two years in a Catholic school under the supervision of a certified principal, returning to the Notre Dame campus for three summers of coursework.

This internship serves three primary purposes: to invite qualified teachers to consider service as a school leader; to allow current Catholic school principals to participate in the vocational discernment of potential leaders; and to provide a hands-on, practical initiative for participants to share in the administrative responsibilities of leading a Catholic school.

In 2008, the program was generously endowed by Mary Ann and Jack Remick, of Rochester, Minnesota, and renamed the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program in the Alliance for Catholic Education.

Advocate for Catholic schools by becoming a principal.