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ACE Advocates is a network of ACE graduates and friends committed to empowering individuals to support, strengthen, and transform Catholic education.


ACE seeks to form and connect the most talented individuals to solve the toughest problems facing Catholic Education.


Providing spiritual nourishment for supporters of Catholic schools who strive to make God known, loved, and served. 


Bridging gaps in geography, profession, age, and program to unite in service to Catholic education.

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Summer Forum Topics

Expanding Access to Catholic Schools
University of Notre Dame
July 8 – 10, 2011

Track 1 - Privately funded scholarship programs and initiatives

This track will focus on how school leaders can work with private organizations and foundations to create lasting relationships that will support the students in your community's Catholic schools. Learn how you and others can open the door to strategic philanthropic partnerships like those forged in the communities of Chicago, Boston and other cities across the country.

Hear from presenters Joshua Hale from the Big Shoulders Fund in Chicago, Michael Reardon from the Catholic Schools Foundation in Boston, Joseph Womac from the Fulcrum Foundation in Seattle and Darla Romfo from the Children's Scholarship Fund.

Who should attend:?
  • Catholic  School Leaders
  • ACE and UCCE Graduates
  • Pastors and Principals
  • Development Staff
  • School Board Members

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Track 2 - Strategies for advocating for parental choice public policy in your state

As the costs of providing a high-quality Catholic education have continued to rise, many – predominantly low-income families –  have been forced to abandon the idea of sending their children to a Catholic school. Fortunately for all, the story doesn't end there. Attend this track to learn how the fight for parental choice initiatives is gaining ground all across the country and what you can do to help.

Hear from presenters John Schoenig from the University of Notre Dame's Center for K-12 Educational Access, and Scott Jensen from the American Federation for Children

Interested in a more in-depth approach to this issue? Check out the Advocates for Parental Choice Symposium - the premier seminar for future leaders of the parental choice movement.

Who should attend?
  • Anyone interested in advocating for parental choice public policy
  • Superintendents
  • Pastors
  • Principals and Teachers
  • School Board Members
  • Parents of Catholic School Students

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Track 3 - Increasing access to Catholic schools for Latino children and families

Building off the success of last year's Summer Forum, Fr. Joe Corpora, CSC returns this year to offer practical strategies Catholic schools can implement immediately to increase enrollment, raise money and create a more welcoming environment for Latino children and their families. Fr. Joe leads the charge of the University of Notre Dame's Catholic School Advantage campaign that aims to double the percentage of Latino children enrolled in Catholic schools – from 3% to 6% – in the next 10 years. This seemingly small increase will raise the number of Latino children enrolled in Catholic schools from 290,000 to 1 Million by 2020.

Who should attend?
  • Catholic School Leaders
  • Superintendents
  • Pastors and Principals
  • ACE and UCCE Graduates
  • Development Team
  • School Board Members

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Note: Each track will offer two different level presentations, an introduction and a more in-depth follow-up. Participants may choose to attend both presentations of one track and the introductory presentation of another track, or choose to attend the introduction in all three tracks.