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ACE Advocates is a network of ACE graduates and friends committed to empowering individuals to support, strengthen, and transform Catholic education.


ACE seeks to form and connect the most talented individuals to solve the toughest problems facing Catholic Education.


Providing spiritual nourishment for supporters of Catholic schools who strive to make God known, loved, and served. 


Bridging gaps in geography, profession, age, and program to unite in service to Catholic education.

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ACE Consulting

ACE Consulting

ACE Consulting provides high quality, professional consulting services at an affordable cost to under-resourced elementary and secondary Catholic schools. The program’s aim is to enhance the viability and vitality of Catholic schools by addressing areas critical to school success—such as funding and leadership training—and offering strategies that promote school advancement.

With its work rooted in research-based, data-driven decision making, ACE Consulting is, in the words of ACE founder Fr. Tim Scully, “one more effort to ensure that our Church’s educational ministry remains strong and vibrant.”

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