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Programs and Services

Since 1993, ACE has been a leader in the effort to sustain and strengthen Catholic schools. Through a variety of programs, ACE seeks to form teachers and leaders for classrooms and schools, provide services and solutions for school communities, and mobilize supporters who are committed to making our schools more excellent and accessible.


Degree and Certificate Programs

By participating in and recruiting talented candidates for ACE's degree and certificate programs, ACE Advocates strive to ensure that Catholic schools are staffed by gifted, dedicated teachers and leaders, offering students an education of the highest quality.



Professional Development

Beyond degree and certificate programs, ACE Advocates take advantage of a professional development offerings, to develop an understanding of the key issues facing Catholic schools and the skills to address them.



Professional Services

The larger ACE organization provides ACE Advocates with access to a valuable suite of professional services for Catholic schools, offering the tools to strengthen every aspect of a school from curriculum, to governance and finance, to after-school sports programs.




We believe that God has called us as ACE Advocates to the vocation of sustaining and strengthening Catholic education, and we strive to follow the example of Christ the Teacher and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We work tirelessly to strengthen our community, supporting and affirming each other in our efforts on behalf of Catholic schools.