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Established 2006

Regional Chair:  Beth Burau


As an extension of the national organization of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). The Dallas ACE
Advocates consists of individuals who work to sustain and strengthen Catholic education in the Greater
Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Our focus is two-fold:

Support individuals within our schools through the three pillars of ACE
● Teaching: Provide Professional Development opportunities, Excellence in Teaching Conference
● Community: Support to ACE Community, DACS fellowship events, tutoring services, attend fundraisers
& school events, etc.
● Spirituality: Faith-sharing groups, retreats, masses

Increase enrollment & retention within Catholic schools
● Evaluate and improve branding and marketing strategies (What is our product?)
● Value-proposition (Why is our product worth the investment?)
● Relationship-building (Who are our constituents? How do we maintain their loyalty after graduation?
How do we increase supports for DACS to those outside the ACE/ND community?)