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Why Catholic Schools? Part 3

The Responsibility of the Entire Catholic Community


Faced with a dominant culture that was hostile to their values, the Catholic community in America built schools that would allow their children to grow in knowledge and faith – as good Catholics and good Americans. And with sweat, resolve, and prayer, these immigrants built the largest system of private schools the world has ever seen. For over 300 years, the Catholic community in the United States – not just pastors or parents – has championed our schools.

Catholic schools save lives, create a more just world, breath life into parishes, and most importantly, draw children into deeper communion with Christ and the Church. It is precisely because of these benefits that the Catholic community in the United States must continue to invest in the future of our children and their school system. It is also for those reasons that the current challenges facing Catholic schools should be alarming to us all:

Despite waiting lists at nearly 25% of our Catholic schools, 500,000 fewer children are benefiting daily from a Catholic education, and our communities have lost over 1,000 schools over the last decade.

Need more? See what some of the research on Catholic schools says.

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