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About the Network


Watch this video to learn about AICSN with a specific focus on Red Cloud Indian School, one of our partner schools. If you would like to get involved contact Dr. Brian Collier at  or Will Newkirk at

Engaging in Audacious Hope from ACEatND on Vimeo.


To create a foundation of mutual leadership that encourages and supports each member school in its ministry, while strengthening our collective ability to fulfill our mission. Our shared efforts will help us promote awareness of our common goals, address common needs and challenges, leverage best practices and build trust among our members.
We believe in the following:
  • providing an excellent Catholic, faith-based education
  • honoring and promoting the cultural identity of our students
  • empowering students through service
  • breaking the cycle of poverty through education
  • contributing to the larger society
  • engaging tribal members in the education of our students
  • maintaining passion for our ministry
  • using our limited resources wisely
  • leveraging collaboration to strengthen our capacity to serve our students and reservation communities


Reservation schools located in six states, including the following:
  • De La Salle Blackfeet School, Browning, Montana
  • Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, South Dakota
  • St. Augustine Indian Mission School, Winnebago, Nebraska
  • St. Charles Mission School, San Carlos, Arizona
  • St. Joseph's Mission School, San Fidel, New Mexico
  • St. Mary's Mission, Red Lake, Minnesota

American Indian students representing the Acoma, Blackfeet, Laguna, Lakota, Navajo, Ojibwe, Omaha, San Carlos Apache, and Winnebago Indian tribes


As the Network matures and builds capacity, it will be well positioned to take advantage of future growth opportunities, such as expanding the Network to include other like-minded mission schools and attracting additional funders.

The Network will have a powerful story to tell and accomplishments to “sell,” including the following: 1) a solid foundation on which to continue building (Vision, Core Values, Guiding Principles); 2) implementation of at least one major initiative that builds the capacity of individual schools and the Network, possesses measurable outcomes, and is designed to be replicable at other mission schools (the newly launched Professional Development Initiative); and 3) A custom-designed website that supports regular communications among Network members, and parents and teachers, and serves as an internal repository for shared academic-focused knowledge that upholds and supports traditional mission-school values.