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"Checking-in From Chicago"

on Thursday, 28 April 2016. Posted in Reflections by Irish Teaching Fellows

by Louise Travers















For the month of March, naturally my Second Grade class learned all about the story of St. Patrick and Ireland. The students were assigned poster projects at the beginning of the month that had to be completed by March 17th. These posters needed to have information about Ireland on them and designed so they had the Irish flag and map of Ireland on them. I was so proud of all my students when they brought their projects in to present! They all did a fantastic job and they seemed to really enjoy researching and learning about Ireland. We also did some salt paintings with symbols of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. My students also wrote paragraphs starting with the prompt “I am the luckiest person in the world because…” We then hung these up outside our classroom for the school to see. The students designed Irish and Cork flags and we hung them up as decorations in our classroom. On St. Patrick’s Day, the whole school dressed in green and in our class we made our own shamrock shakes and ate co

In Chicago, the city celebrated St. Patrick’s Day the weekend before the 17th of March. We went downtown to watch the parade and see the river however we could only get a glimpse of the tops of the flags in the parade as it was so busy! Thousands of people came out to watch and it was amazing to see so many people dressed in green celebrating Ireland! The river was a magnificent sight to see as it was dyed bright green. My community and I had a great day exploring the city and taking part in the celebrations.

My class celebrated their first Reconciliation on March 16th. They worked hard in the months previous to be prepared for the day and the night went very smoothly. Students had to learn what their conscience is and how to examine it before they confess their sins. They made mini books about Reconciliation that depicted the steps that will be completed on the night and also had some reflection questions for the students to think about and write. We then stapled them together as a keepsake to have. 

We had our first “Midwest Retreat” a couple of weeks ago where the communities in Chicago, Indianapolis and Peoria, Illinois met up in Michigan City for a weekend led by Father Lou, Father Joe and Pat Graff. It was a beautiful weekend by the lake and we enjoyed lots of relaxing time spent together. We stayed at a beach house and ate dinner and had mass together. It was a much needed break from the city and from doing work! okies.



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