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3 Resources (and an Invitation!) to Foster Professional Growth this Summer

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 by The PIE Team

NCEA Exceptional Learners Conference Program for Inclusive Education

“With eyes of faith consider the greatness of your mission and the wonderful amount of good which you can accomplish.”
- Bl. Basil Moreau, Christian Education

A Whole Lot of Love: A Return to Robstown

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 by Molly Shawhan - ACE 21, Corpus Christi

Molly Shawhan - Alliance for Catholic Education Blog

If you had told me after my first year of ACE that I would return to my ACE placement city of Corpus Christi after I had completed my teaching, I wouldn’t have believed you.

5 Questions to Ask About Blended Learning Resources

Monday, May 22, 2017 by Elizabeth Anthony

5 Blended Learning Resource Alliance for Catholic Education

If you spend any time in a classroom, you know that new education software seems to be emerging almost every day. The EdSurge Product Index – a comprehensive index of almost all education-related software programs – includes over 500 K–12 curriculum products and more than 1,500 other software programs designed to meet the needs of teachers, schools, and higher-ed institutions. I am thrilled by the number of programs that have been created in recent years. New products drive competition in the marketplace, and this competition ultimately leads the whole industry closer to achieving its common goal: to meet the needs of all students and teachers.

Love: The Most Potent Instrument We Possess

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Love Alliance for Catholic Education Blog

As the school years comes to a close, I’ve noticed the dramatic increase in frequency of videos and memes on the internet about the plight and fatigue of teachers: “Summer vacation is our reward for surviving May” – “It’s May, teach yourself” – “Stay strong, it’s almost over!” As a teacher, I regrettably remember reading these and feeling justified in the mutual understanding we all had across the building, including among students, that we are all just ready for this to be over.

A Day in the Life of Holy Angels Students: Jaidyn and Jordyn

Monday, May 08, 2017 by Elizabeth Anthony

Higher-Powered Learning Blog Notre Dame ACE Academies

I receive quite a few questions about scheduling, particularly how we make time for 90-minute “blended” blocks and what a typical school day looks like. I hope this snapshot of a day in the life of two of our second-graders at Holy Angels provides some insight!

Experiencing the Happiness of an Inclusive Classroom

Thursday, May 04, 2017 by Maggie Byrne

 Maggie Byrne

With Catholic schools around the country looking for the tools to create the culture, foundation, and resources to educate all students inclusively while celebrating every student’s diverse and exceptional characteristics, Notre Dame’s Program for Inclusive Education (PIE) prepares to welcome its first cohort this summer. In this month’s blog post, Maggie Byrne, a parent of a child with Down syndrome and friend of PIE, shares her son Thomas’s journey through Catholic schools that utilized inclusive practices. Many thanks to Maggie for her contributions and willingness to share how Thomas has been welcomed, served, and celebrated in Catholic schools.

All Children Can, and Will, Learn

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by Mary Frances "Frankie" Jones

All Students Will Learn Remick Leadership Program

When we say we believe all children can and will learn, we embed an imperative to do whatever it takes as adults to help all of our students excel. As lead learners in our schools, we have a moral responsibility to ensure that all students receive rigorous, high-quality instruction every lesson, every day. But for students stuck on the wrong side of the persistent achievement gap, we must tackle not only cumulative deficits in knowledge and skill, but also the doubts students have about their abilities, hardened by years of educational neglect.

"Have you seen that fourth-grade classroom? The teacher is amazing!"

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by Elizabeth Anthony

Rose Oldenburg Blended Learning

This is the third post in our series highlighting teachers in blended-learning classrooms, and our first post about a teacher outside of a Notre Dame ACE Academy. Today’s post features Rose Oldenburg, an outstanding teacher at a Seton Education Partners blended-learning school, Nativity Jesuit in Milwaukee. Read on to learn about how Rose faced her technology fears, focused on classroom management, and got creative to make the school’s blended-learning program a success in her own classroom.

Answering the Call to Service in ACE 24

Sunday, April 23, 2017 by Anna Bourbonnais - ACE 24, Oakland

Anna Bourbannais ACE 24 Accepted Applicants Night

Walking into Accepted Applicants Night for ACE 24, I am not sure what I expected. I did feel one thing for certain–a slight sense of trepidation. I received an email a week earlier from my principal at Holy Names High School in Oakland, California, so I knew where I would be living, but a huge piece was still missing. Who exactly would be living with me? Who are my community members? Will they be down for random Hamilton jam sessions at odd hours of the day? Will they be willing to look at countless pictures of my baby niece and still feign interest every time? Are they nervous like I am? Did they have to look up where exactly in California Oakland is like I did? Do they love board games? Are they coffee or tea people?

Ian Corbett: Getting to Know Blended Learning

Monday, April 10, 2017 by Elizabeth Anthony

Ian Corbett ACE Blended Learning Initiatives

“Cheers!” Ian called to me in his thick Irish accent with a huge smile on his face as his classroom of third graders burst into giggles. Most of Ian’s students had never heard of Ireland before he began teaching at Holy Angels this fall, but it’s safe to say that they are fans of the Emerald Isle now simply because it is the home of their beloved Mr. Corbett.

A Lesson Worth Remembering

Monday, April 10, 2017 by Conor Fitzpatrick - ACE 22, Brownsville

Lesson Worth Remembering Brian Collier

Something was different as we walked into Dr. Collier’s Social Studies Content class during that first ACE summer. 

"I'm not going away" - Serving by Staying

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Serving by Staying

Last week, as ACE teammates from across America gathered together for our annual spring retreat, we were both embraced and pushed by the words of Father Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. Throughout the day, he shared stories and reminders from the Bible, challenging us to think about ways in which we bring hope to the children and families we serve. A week later, we are still doing further reflection on his call to bring hope through praying, singing, and staying.

A National View of Blended Learning in Catholic Schools

Monday, March 20, 2017 by Elizabeth Anthony

Blended Learning in Catholic Schools

Though this blog is primarily focused on the work we do, we also want to highlight some of the most exciting blended-learning implementations in other Catholic schools across the country.

First, a disclaimer: it is exciting to be part of an effort that is gaining momentum virtually every day, but this constant growth makes it impossible to stay up-to-speed on all of the implementations of blended learning in Catholic schools across the nation. Having said that, we hope to highlight some of the most significant advances of blended learning in Catholic schools and to paint a picture of what this space looks like today.

Embracing Flexibility and Freedom with Blended Learning

Monday, March 13, 2017 by Elizabeth Anthony

Mary Kate Veselik Holy Angels

This is the first in a series of posts that will highlight some of our remarkable teachers and share their perspectives on blended learning. Mary Kate serves as the second-grade teacher at Holy Angels Catholic School. You can contact Mary Kate at .

Why Hunger Can be a Good Thing in Your School

Wednesday, March 08, 2017 by Fr. Nate Wills, C.S.C.

Fr. Nate Wills Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program

Feeling hungry is the worst. Like most of us, when I’m hungry, I’m cranky, single-minded, and I usually start talking in caveman/Cookie-Monster-speak: “me want food.” There’s actually some science behind the power of this feeling (happy reading!), and all of us know how all-consuming hunger can be. When you’re hungry, you can think of little else than simply getting food.

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