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CSA Programs

The mission to extend the Catholic school advantage to more Latino children and to fill existing empty seats has been driven largely by astute, capable leaders. For this reason, the Catholic School Advantage Campaign has developed two initiatives that aim to galvanize Catholic school leadership - both pastoral and administrative - and provide practical knowledge on how to best respond to the specific needs of the Latino community. 

The Latino Enrollment Institute (LEI) is designed to help Catholic school principals, along with members of their faculty and staff, to find creative new ways to make their schools more attractive, effective, and accessible, particularly within the Latino community.

The School Pastors Institute (SPI) is designed for pastors who oversee a parish school, which is often the largest single ministry of the local church. With the enterprise of Catholic schools changing considerably in recent decades, the demands on parish resources and pastoral leadership, too, have changed. The SPI is intended to help pastors respond to the increasingly complex challenges and opportunities of leading a Catholic school, among which, Latino recruitment and enrollment is a top priority.