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Some ideas for what superintendents can do:

  • Gather principals of schools in proximity to Latino students twice per semester to share best practices with one another with regard to recruiting and welcoming Latino students.

  • Hire a Spanish-speaking liaison to do recruiting and marketing in Spanish.

  • Meet with directors of Hispanic ministry to inform them of plans and to request their help.

  • Help the principals to see the critical role that Catholic education can play in helping Latinos move out of poverty. Latino/a students that attend Catholic schools are 42% more likely to graduate from high school and 2-1/2 times more likely to graduate from college.

  • Encourage principals to attend workshops that deal with culturally responsive teaching and leadership.

  • Encourage principals to make a visit to another school with a greater proportion of Latinos or that is more successful at engaging Latino cultures to get ideas of what works.

  • Meet with all pastors with schools as well as all pastors who serve in Latino parishes without schools. Facilitate a conversation about more effectively engaging Latino families in Catholic schools.

  • Encourage principals to hire a recruiting and development person who will raise money for the school and help attract new families to the school.