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Maria Aguilera


Houston, TX

What do you hope to do/accomplish as an ACE Teacher?

As an ACE teacher I hope to learn more about the ways my faith influences who I am as a teacher. I hope to empower the communities I will be a part of, especially the students, and grow alongside them. I hope to be a witness to Christ for my students and their communities, so that together we may grow stronger in faith. Throughout the development of my teaching, I hope my students can recognize that we are all life-long learners, and discover wha their own passions are.

What experiences at your undergraduate institution helped shape your decision to pursue teaching as a possible vocation?

As a part of the Teaching and Learning Program at Vanderbilt, I was able to observe and take an active role in the classrooms of the Metro Nashville Public Schools as a student-teacher. I have always considered teaching as my vocation, but through these classroom visits, I gained a deeper understanding of the current education system. My passion for teaching has grown tremendously, especially as I become more aware of the ways in which field can grow. I am eager to continue learning and exploring the ways I am called into this vocation.

How do you hope to grow in your experience as an ACE Ambassador/Intern?

As an ACE Ambassador, I hope to grow in my understanding of discernment of a vocation. I have been gifted with knowing my vocation as a teacher since I was very young, but through the ACE Ambassadorship, I hope to accompany others in their discernment process, hopefully walking alongside them as they discover what their next step is. I hope to grow in my identity as a teacher who is also Catholic, and talk more with my Ambassador team about what that looks like.

Undergraduate Information

  • Institution:

    Vanderbilt University

  • Major:

    Secondary Education & Mathematics

  • Activities:

    University Catholic, Association of Latin American Students, & SIGMa Undergraduate Researcher