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Melissa Pavloff

ACE 28


Carmel, CA

What do you hope to do/accomplish as an ACE Teacher?

I hope to help shape my students' perspectives on their education, the world, and themselves. I hope to build a classroom environment that will encourage them to be the best versions of themselves and that will create a safe space for everyone to thrive and empower one another.

What experiences at your undergraduate institution helped shape your decision to pursue teaching as a possible vocation?

I worked for ACE as an editorial intern my sophomore year. It didn't take me long to fall in love with the people and the beautiful community the program fosters. I truly felt part of a family and the nature of my work gave me the opportunity to witness firsthand some of the wonderful ways in which ACE teachers were engaging with their communities.

How do you hope to grow in your experience as an ACE Ambassador/Intern?

I hope to solidify my outreach and engagement skills by entering into conversation with others and sharing ACE's mission.