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Sarina Paolillo


Toms River, NJ

What do you hope to do/accomplish as an ACE Teacher?

As an ACE teacher, I hope to create a culture of love and compassion in every community I am a part of. Through these loving communities, I hope that within my classroom, the school community, and the ACE team, I can become the version of myself that God intended. As I grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally, I want to be purposeful, reflective and faith-filled, as I approach relationships with both my students and my peers.

What experiences at your undergraduate institution helped shape your decision to pursue teaching as a possible vocation?

My time in the PULSE program during my freshman year shaped the way that I viewed the relationships I formed with others. PULSE is a service-immersion experience that pairs a year-long philosophy-theology course with extensive service at a particular service placement. Through PULSE, I learned the value of compassion, service, justice, and most important, being with others in solidarity. By working with students at a community center in Boston, I became to understand the beauty of student-mentor relationships, and how this beautiful bond powerfully impacts a greater community. I cherished not only my time in PULSE, but also my students, and this fueled my desire to serve students in the future!

How do you hope to grow in your experience as an ACE Ambassador/Intern?

In my experience as an ACE Ambassador, I hope to grow to be invitational, so that those who I encounter feel comfortable discerning their future possibilities. I hope to accompany others in the spiritual, emotional, and mental process of getting to know not only the ACE program, but also themselves. And through this accompaniment, I hope to grow in my connectedness not only to my campus, but the many different people and experiences within it.

Undergraduate Information

  • Institution:

    Boston College

  • Major:

    English, Secondary Education, & Applied Psychology and Human Development

  • Activities:

    4Boston, Resident Assistant, Arrupe, Appa, CLC, & PULSE