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Enhancing School Vitality

 enhancing vitality

Catholic schools have long provided a high-quality education to all children who arrive on their doorsteps. With this in mind, ACE works to bolster the ever-increasing standard for academic excellence in Catholic schools, while maintaining—indeed, reinvigorating—the Catholic culture and identity that make these sacred places one our of greatest national treasures.

From academics and athletics to culture and spirituality, ACE sustains and strengthens the vibrancy of Catholic schools for the children who need them most. Our work extends to the following areas:

Notre Dame ACE Academies comprise a national network of academically excellent, financially sustainable, and distinctively Catholic K-8 schools, serving low-income families and preparing students for both college and heaven.

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The Notre Dame Center for STEM Education seeks to increase student interest in, identity with, and learning of the STEM disciplines through unique programs, such as the Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows, summer camps, and professional development.

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