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Hernandez Fellows

Empower Your School's English Language Learners. Become an ENL Hernandez Fellow.

90% of ENL Hernandez Fellows use Title funds to underwrite some or all of their tuition. Read more about Title funds and how to use them!

Interested in ENL?

Learn more about the ENL Program by contacting Jenny Dees, at , or 574-631-7657.

Meet Our Fellows

Jenny Denis shares many of the tools that she learned during her time in the ENL Program.

Jenni Crain recalls some of the strategies she developed in the ENL Program, and how they are now being used to help all of her students succeed.

ENL Summer 2020 Dates

  • Thursday, July 9 – Orientation begins at noon
  • Friday, July 10 – First day of classes
  • Saturday/Sunday, July 11-12 – ENL Symposium
  • Monday, July 13-Friday, July 17 – Classes
  • Monday, July 20-Thursday, July 23 – Classes
  • Thursday, July 23 – ACE Missioning Mass