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Hernandez Fellows

Empower Your School's English Language Learners. Become an ENL Hernandez Fellow.

Exciting News: We have decided to proactively move our ENL licensure certification program, the ENL Hernandez Fellows, entirely online for the 2020-21 year. Please consider using your title funds to send teachers to join us online over the summer, fall, and spring semesters. This program will uniquely prepare your teachers to best serve your English learners when they return in the fall.

If this new online platform allows you to join us, please contact Jennifer Dees () by Friday, April 24th.

90% of ENL Hernandez Fellows use Title funds to underwrite some or all of their tuition. Read more about Title funds and how to use them!

Meet Our Fellows

"It's been really amazing. I've brought a couple of teaching techniques that really impacted me to the other teachers. It really helped explain some of the learning phenomena we'd see in the classroom."
- Alexis Anjomshoaa Brown

Jenny Denis shares many of the tools that she learned during her time in the ENL Program.

Jenni Crain recalls some of the strategies she developed in the ENL Program, and how they are now being used to help all of her students succeed.