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Forming Teachers and Leaders

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Always striving to form the next generation of teachers and school leaders with the talent, imagination, and zeal to serve some of the most under-resourced schools in the United States, we have deepened and expanded our formation efforts in a number of ways. With enhanced recruitment efforts, an innovative “good-to-great” principal formation program, and a redesigned and newly endowed initiative focused on English language learners, we seek to renew and transform our schools to meet the changing needs of our society and Church for years to come.

ACE Teaching Fellows forms talented, faith-filled college graduates to renew and transform Catholic school classrooms. ACE Teachers form a select cohort of the nation’s top emerging Catholic school teachers and leaders, and through ACE’s innovative instructional model, they develop the skills and knowledge necessary to serve our nation’s children, especially those from low-income and immigrant communities.

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The Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program prepares future principals of Catholic schools to lead with skill and zeal. Remick Leaders work to strengthen and transform their schools by cultivating intentional Catholic school culture, applying executive management skills to direct school operations, and increasing academic achievement through data-informed, mission-driven instructional leadership.

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