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A coalition of local and international Catholic organizations is working to strengthen Catholic education in Haiti through the Haiti Catholic Education Initiative. Haitian Church and educational leaders have taken bold steps to advance a forward-thinking action plan for transforming the nation's Catholic schools. 

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Our Story

In response to the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, a disaster that killed and injured hundreds of thousands, displaced millions, and shattered the infrastructure of the nation’s capital, ACE sought to help the Holy Cross community recover and rebuild.


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Our Impact

Thanks to the generous support of our many benefactors, partners and friends, ACE has helped to make significant strides to rebuild and enhance the vitality of Haitian Catholic schools since the devastating earthquake of 2010.

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Join us in our mission to bring the blessing of an excellent Catholic education to as many Haitian children as possible.


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About the Forum

SC dancingHope in Action: Transforming Haiti Through Catholic Education was an international leadership forum that explored innovative Catholic education reforms in Haiti.

On June 19 and 20, 2012, a select group of Church, education, philanthropic, and international development leaders gathered at the University of Notre Dame for a dynamic exchange on how a stronger Catholic education system can transform the nation's education sector and advance Haiti's social and economic development.

At the convening, forum hosts and partners introduced new, innovative pathways for quality Catholic education in Haiti; pathways informed by a grassroots, national assessment of the Haitian Catholic education system and educational priorities outlined by Haitian leaders.
For a full list of forum speakers, click here.

ACE in Haiti: Hope in Action

Hope in Action - ACE in Haiti

State of Catholic Schools in Haiti

ACE Haiti conducted a comprehensive assessment of the country’s Catholic education system through the Catholic Education Renewal Project. This rich diagnostic portrait encompasses a number of factors that are vital to Catholic schools in Haiti. 

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