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Message on ACE Haiti


Dear Friends,

Greetings from Our Lady’s University! Thanks to the generous support of our many benefactors, partners and friends, ACE has helped to make significant strides to rebuild and enhance the vitality of Haitian Catholic schools since the devastating earthquake of 2010. Over these past eight years, we have surveyed and mapped 2,315 Catholic schools, trained 1,200 teachers, created new school boards and parent associations in 400 Catholic schools, and launched a literacy initiative currently serving 350 schools, the majority of which are Catholic schools, and benefiting an estimated 75,000 first through third grade students. We have also rebuilt three Holy Cross schools and are developing a strategy for whole-school transformation for Holy Cross’s network of 21 schools throughout the country.

ACE Haiti has emerged as a powerful force for good in a context of great need, and is now among the most trusted and impactful educational research and programmatic actors in the Haitian context. With long-term, trusted partnerships with the local Church and other key institutions, as well as key international organizations, ACE Haiti is poised to make a sustained and systemic impact on Haitian education.

None of these accomplishments could have been made without your incredible support. Your commitment to serving God’s most vulnerable children is a true blessing, and we hope that our efforts so far are only the beginning of an ever-deepening partnership with the people of Haiti.

Devotedly Yours in Notre Dame,


Rev. Timothy R. Scully, C.S.C.
Hackett Family Director,
Institute for Educational Initiatives,
University of Notre Dame