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dsc 0050In response to the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, a disaster that killed and injured hundreds of thousands, displaced millions, and shattered the infrastructure of the nation’s capital, ACE sought to help the Holy Cross community and Catholic schools nationally recover and rebuild.

Strengthening Holy Cross in Haiti

Since 2010, ACE has supported the rebuilding and expansion of a flagship K-12 school in Port-au-Prince, Basile Moreau, and supported the construction of two new Holy Cross primary schools. ACE has also supported over 100 scholarships a year to Basile Moreau students and has supported quality improvements like an augmented technology program and English curriculum. ACE Haiti is currently exploring plans to support broader whole school improvement across the 21 Holy Cross School in Haiti, and develop a model for sustainable, high performing schools for the poor for the Haitian context.

ACE Haiti At A Glance


ACE Haiti secures $13.3 Million in grants to scale early-grade reading projects in 350 schools serving 75,000 children. 


ACE Haiti's "Read to Learn" early-grade literacy project yields strongest improved student outcomes of any literacy program in Haiti. 

ACE Haiti supports the creation of a model network of schools in the central plateau in collaboration with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. 


ACE Haiti supports quality interventions at Basile Moreau School.

ACE Haiti receives grant to launch “Read to Learn” early-grade literacy project, in partnership with the Church and CRS, in fifty-two Haitian Catholic schools.


With ACE’s support, Holy Cross launches teacher training institute in the north of Haiti.

ACE Haiti, CRS, and Church partners conduct assessment of Haiti’s 2,315 Catholic schools.

ACE Haiti receives grant from W.K. Kellogg Foundation to work with CRS and the Church to support training of 1,000 teachers and creation of governance structures in 200 schools.


ACE Haiti works to rebuild Holy Cross’s flagship school, Basile Moreau School.


Earthquake devastates capital city of Port-au-Prince and much of the Haitian infrastructure. University of Notre Dame pledges to help the devastated country led by the Alliance for Catholic Education’s partnership with the Congregation of Holy Cross.


ACE begins exploring partnership with the Congregation of Holy Cross, which runs twenty-five schools and has served in Haiti for seventy years.