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Program for Inclusive Education Professional Development


Professional Development with the Program for Inclusive Education is not one-size-fits-all, much like the expectation for an inclusive classroom. Educators and students alike learn in multiple ways, and our goal is to offer many options to meet your needs. Educators can select from a variety of content modules and courses to advance their practices based on their own professional journeys. Additionally, schools/(arch)dioceses can create PD packages combining several offerings at a reduced rate. PIE is very intentional about differentiating its content based on specific needs. Contact PIE for consultation to customize your experience.

The Holy Father reminds us that “our communities still have difficulties in practicing true inclusion and a full participation that finally becomes ordinary and normal. This requires not only specific techniques and programs, but first of all acknowledgement and welcoming of faces, tenacious and patient certainty that each person is unique and unrepeatable, and each excluded face is an impoverishment of the community.” Our professional development is constructed on the foundational understanding of the assets our diversity of learners presents in our schools.


Professional development establishes a theoretical framework, instills a culture of service, and provides the necessary skills to ensure success for all learners in the classroom. PD is research-based and cultivates best practice.

Format and Funding 

There is a range of learning opportunities through the Program for Inclusive Education.

  • On-site PD consists of half-, full-, or two-day workshops customized to meet your current needs.
  • Online professional development is available through the edX platform, offering content modules for continuing education credits that may be taken individually or as an entire series across each semester.
  • Off-site consultation is available across the academic year.

(Arch)dioceses have been successful in securing and allocating Title funding to underwrite these offerings for similar ACE professional development opportunities.

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Interested in helping your colleagues better serve all students?

Contact Christie Bonfiglio, Ph.D., at  or 574-631-3430.

Prospective Topics

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (e.g., Response to Intervention and Positive Behavior Supports)
  • Behavior—Foundation and theory, practical applications, and accommodations
  • Instruction—Differentiation, data analysis, interventions, and accommodations
  • Student Support Teams— Collaboration and data-based decision making
  • Executive Functioning—Foundation and theory, practical applications, and accommodations
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and the interface of technological supports
  • Strategic Support and Intensive Intervention