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Profiles of Past Participants

  • Louise Travers

    "So far, ACE has been an incredible experience and an amazing opportunity. "It didn’t take long for me to fit into ACE summer...ACE is shaping me as a person as I am interacting with so many different people that it allows me to see different views daily."

    ACE Class: ACE 21

    ACE Placement: Chicago

    Current Occupation: 2nd grade; Chicago, IL
  • Ian Corbett

    "I am a dedicated believer in education and I feel that furthering my own learning with ACE will not only make me a better individual but also a better inspirer, guider and teacher.In terms of spirituality, I feel it is a journey of faith and commitment, and I see ACE as the next step...[the] community aspect of ACE provides a remarkable opportunity for people to practice and share their faith together and to develop, learn and grow as young teachers."

    ACE Class: ACE 21

    ACE Placement: Sacramento, California

    Current Occupation: ACE teacher, 3rd grade
  • Hannah Snowe

    "Being an ACE teacher has given me the opportunity to educate the next generation of Catholics. I have become more grounded in my beliefs and I have a clearer vision of what a Catholic school should look like in Ireland today... Living and working in a community which encouraged me to personalize and actively question my relationship with the faith has brought me to new level of understanding and appreciation of my faith....I am most definitely a better teacher and a more well- rounded individual having said yes to ACE."

    ACE Class: ACE 20

    ACE Placement: Santa Ana, California

    Current Occupation: Primary Schoolteacher
  • Ciara O'Brien

    "Saying yes to ACE was the best choice I ever made... Through my two years I was able to witness the response of my fellow ACErs to God’s call in an active way. I came to understand that both action and faith is necessary to fully answer God’s call to serve others."

    ACE Class: ACE 20

    ACE Placement: Richmond, Virginia

    Current Occupation: 5th Grade Class Teacher
  • Edel Mooney

    "Although I did enter ACE at the wide-eyed age of 21, ACE has been, and continues to be, a hugely formative experience for me. In teaching, I now appreciate the vocation that is teaching in a Catholic school and the selflessness of others working within the system. This opportunity has allowed me to continue to persist in my work as an educator and learner with a sense of purpose...I cannot speak enough about the lessons that I have taken away from ACE and would encourage anybody who is open-minded, extremely hard-working, and has an interest in their faith to consider this truly amazing opportunity."

    ACE Class: ACE 19

    ACE Placement: 5th grade; Sacramento, California

    Current Occupation: English Teacher at San Nicolas, Santiago, Chile.
  • Megan Whyte

    "ACE is a fantastic program that provides a unique opportunity for Irish teachers to live and work in different parts of the States. I enjoyed my time in the program immensely, having made life-long friends and connections across the country. My experiences in ACE have help me become more adventurous, open-minded, and mature."

    ACE Class: ACE 19

    ACE Placement: Mission, Texas (5th grade)

    Current Occupation: Primary school teacher
  • Stephen McNamara

    "I learnt a variety of strategies for teaching the different subjects. I became very efficient in planning and believed in my own ability more and more throughout ACE. All this helped the children reach their full potential. I also have grown spiritually. ACE presents you went many opportunities to deepen your faith, and my spiritual life has grown naturally throughout the two years. Finally ACE has helped me with my confidence and self belief. The fact that I have completed the two years away from home and family has given the confidence to tackle any new challenges that face me."

    ACE Class: ACE 17

    ACE Placement: Oklahoma City

    Current Occupation: Primary School Teacher
  • Anna Jacobs

    "It was a real course-changer, bringing me into contact with smart, talented, wonderful people and opening my eyes to all of the opportunities that are out there."

    ACE Class: ACE 14

    ACE Placement: Tampa Bay, Florida

    Current Occupation: Postdoctoral Fellow in the Program on Education Policy & Governance at the Harvard Kennedy School
  • Maeve Crowe

    "ACE allowed me to develop as a person, become more independent, and helped me foster my faith...ACE Ireland Fellowship has been of such huge support to me during the past six years. Through personal and professional ups and downs I could always rely on the Friday Masses and wonderful retreats to revive my energy and spiritualism."

    ACE Class: ACE 13

    ACE Placement: Savannah, Georgia

    Current Occupation: Trainee Educational Recruitment Consultant
  • Ciaran Cunniffe

    "I think I'm more open minded from doing the program. After living, studying and teaching in a different country for two years I developed a new perspective and learned different ways of doing things. I'm a better teacher for doing ACE."

    ACE Class: ACE 12

    ACE Placement: Pensacola, Florida (5th grade teacher)

    Current Occupation: 5th class primary school teacher