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Elementary School Principal - Cardinal John Foley Regional Catholic School

Cardinal John Foley Regional Catholic School
Havertown, PA
Catholic School Principal and Administration Jobs

Please see the attached link for the full position description.

Duties and Responsibilities
Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their expertise in curriculum implementation,
team building, faculty development, parental engagement, promotion of Catholic faith
formation, the use of technology in instruction, and effective elementary school
management including exemplary communication and relationship-building skills.  This
opportunity is best suited for a forward-thinking individual with innovative ideas.

Preferred Qualifications and Experience

A dynamic, Christ-centered leader is needed to serve as Principal of Cardinal
Foley School.  The new Principal must be a practicing Catholic in good standing
in the Church with a strong commitment to Catholic Education and the teachings
of the Church. 

The ideal candidate will:
  serve as the primary agent for creating an environment that fosters academic excellence, Catholic faith formation, vitality, and viability
 be responsible for creating a climate that encourages the engagement of each student in the learning process while fostering a love for learning
 be forward thinking – have a vision for the future of education and a proven track record in achieving academic success
 inspire a committed faculty and an engaged student body to form a highly effective learning community inclusive of all stakeholders in the ministry of Catholic education
 communicate effectively with parents, parish staff, and community
 leverage technology as a communication and education tool
 collaborate in the efforts to actively recruit and retain students and qualified teachers
 work with school and parish community to support school events, fundraising initiatives, and enrollment campaigns
 have a competent and proficient understanding of school operations including budget management

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