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School leaders can change the world. Will you?


The Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program prepares transformational school leaders who make God known, loved, and served by implementing rigorous academic programs, managing school resources, and building robust Catholic school communities.

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About the Remick Leadership Program

At Notre Dame, we believe that the single greatest influence on student outcomes is teacher quality, and the single greatest influence on teacher quality is school leadership.  Transformational school leaders are world-builders, architects who bring to life a compelling vision of a better future for the families and communities they serve.

Great principals build great schools, and great schools form great kids and strong communities.  The work is challenging, and it requires tenacity, and faith, and hope, and love, and zeal.  But nothing is more important.  Nobody changes a child’s life like a great teacher, and nobody inspires a great teacher more than an extraordinary school leader.


Under the direction of the Christian Dallavis, Ph.D., the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program utilizes an innovative hybrid academic approach that blends on-campus summer sessions with applied distance learning during the academic year. Through this model, participants develop the skills necessary to cultivate a strong, positive, intentional Catholic school culture, apply executive management skills to direct school operations, and increase academic achievement through data-informed, mission-driven instructional leadership.

Remick Leaders spend three summers living and studying together at Notre Dame. The centerpiece of the summer program is an innovative, inter-disciplinary curriculum, taught by faculty from ACE and a select group of national faculty with expertise in Catholic education. Upon completion of the first summer session, Leadership participants return to their respective Catholic schools to continue teaching and to complete an administrative internship during the academic year. Participants receive on-site support from mentor principals and occasional site visits by the ACE team.

Open to experienced, certified educators, the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program has been designed to respond to the national need for qualified and committed leaders in our Catholic schools. All Remick Leaders experience a graduate program culminating in a master’s degree in educational adminstration, administrative licensure, as well as regular opportunities to interact with a national community of scholars in Catholic education. 

As members of the ACE community, all participants are dedicated to the three pillars of the program, which enable, support, and sustain the formation of future leaders for Catholic education: