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Program Cost

Notre Dame is committed to reducing the barriers that make graduate studies a challenge financially, especially for Catholic school leaders serving in under-resourced schools and low-income communities. We are devoted to helping Remick Leaders secure additional funding and are able to offer needs-based scholarships to all candidates so that finances never prohibit participation in the program.

The total cost of tuition for the Remick Leadership Program for the 2017-18 school year is $50,924. Through the generous support of Mary Ann Remick and the University of Notre Dame, each Remick Leader receives a $27,000 scholarship upon admission, reducing the total cost over the course of the program to $23,924.

Last year, all incoming Remick Leaders who requested additional support towards this remaining out-of-pocket cost received additional scholarship funding to support their participation in the program. In many cases, this remaining amount was sometimes covered through support from the school, diocese, title funds, personal education awards or savings accounts.