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The Remick Response

Over the course of three summer sessions and two academic years, Remick Leaders earn a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and, depending on their state of residence, may become eligible for school leadership licensure. Notre Dame’s innovative blended learning approach combines on-campus summer classes with applied online coursework during the academic year, optimizing the time and energy of practicing educators. Remick Leaders form a community of the nation’s top aspiring Catholic school leaders and are mentored by expert scholars, sitting principals, and superintendents with experience in high-quality schools.

The Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program provides a rigorous course of study that uniquely prepares its graduates to address the challenges that face Catholic schools in the 21st century. Remick Leaders are mission-driven, data-informed school leaders who are willing to do whatever it takes to create an intentionally Catholic and academically-challenging school culture. 

Remick Leaders are more than administrators; they have the vision and creativity of a world builder along with the tenacity and attention to detail of a clockmaker. They imagine and then nurture a school culture that helps teachers and students to seek, persist, excel, love, and serve. At the same time, they prepare for an intimate daily engagement with the nuts and bolts of school life, ensuring that Gospel values permeate every aspect of the school community—spiritually, instructionally, and in the day-to-day manage- ment of a school.

The three pillars of ACE—professional leadership, community, and spiritual growth—inform, inspire, and mobilize our Remick Leaders throughout their time in the program and beyond. Remick Leaders are prepared to truly “lead with zeal,” living these three pillars concretely.

Remick Leaders LEAD: They master the concepts and skills needed to be extraordinary school leaders.
Remick Leaders LEAD WITH: Remick Leaders build communities of excellence.
Remick Leaders LEAD WITH ZEAL: Remick Leaders put faith in action to motivate and inspire.

Remick Leaders. 
Lead. With. Zeal.

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