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Program Overview

The Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program is a 25-month graduate program (delivered over three summers and two academic years) for educators seeking to develop skills to become transformational leaders in their Catholic school community. Upon completion of the program, participants earn a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Notre Dame and can be eligible for K-12 administrative licensure.

Each of the first two summer sessions is four weeks long, while the third summer lasts two weeks and culminates with commencement exercises. During their time on campus, Remick Leaders are enrolled in course sequences designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to become exceptional leaders while addressing the Indiana state standards for building-level leadership.

During the two academic years in the program, Remick Leaders complete a leadership internship at their sponsor school. As part of this internship, participants will work with their school supervisor to ensure that they are provided the opportunity to fulfill the requirements of the internship and online coursework.  This coursework is designed to complement the work our Remick Leaders are already doing as part of this internship, and help guide their formation as are formed into effective transformational leaders.

At the end of the first summer, Remick Leader mentors from each sponsor school are brought to campus to partake in the Remick Leadership Mentor Workshop.  During this time, they are introduced to the Remick Leadership Program and work one-on-one with their Remick Leader to work out a plan to implement these strategies into an appropriate, balanced internship that will both benefit the school and Remick Leader to the fullest.