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Course Sequence

Over the course of three summer sessions and two academic years, Remick Leaders earn a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and may become eligible for school leadership licensure. Our innovative approach blends on-campus summer classes with applied online coursework during the academic year, optimizing the time and energy of practicing educators.

Each summer, Remick Leaders courses in three central leadership domains — Instructional Leadership, Executive Management, and School Culture — that are focused to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to become a transformational leader in their community. During the academic year, this online coursework is geared to put this content into best-practice, as participants apply the skills and knowledge to real life-situations as leaders in their schools.  

Instructional Leadership

Instructional Leadership

Remick Leaders learn the leadership skills necessary to ensure effective teaching and learning school-wide. Leaders develop the capacity to make mission-driven, data-informed decisions that will strengthen student achievement. The course sequence introduces students to the school leader’s responsibilities to be both a human capital manager and an instructional leader, providing an introduction to key areas of instructional leadership.


Course Sequence:

Summer Session I:

  • Organizational Culture of Schools (3 cr)
  • Financial Management & Institutional Advancement (3 cr)
  • Learning, Curriculum, & Standards Alignment (3 cr)
  • Foundations of Leadership (1 cr)

Fall Semester I:

  • Human Capital Management (2 cr)
  • Internship & Practice (2 cr)
  • Reflective Practice I (1 cr)

Spring Semester I:

  • Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners (2 cr)
  • Internship & Practice II (2 cr)
  • Reflective Practice II (1 cr)

Summer Session II (4 weeks):

  • Leading Change & Transforming Communities (3 cr)
  • Operations & Facilities Management (3 cr)
  • Data, Observation, & Feedback for Academic Growth (3 cr)
  • Leadership Mindsets (1 cr)

Fall Semester II:

  • Serving Diverse & Multicultural Learning Communities (2 cr)
  • Inquiry & Intervention I (2 cr)
  • Community Formation & Character Building I (1 cr)

Spring Summer II:

  • School Law & Education Policy (2 cr)
  • Inquiry & Intervention II (2 cr)
  • Community Formation & Character Building II (1 cr)

Summer Session III (2 weeks):

  • Transformational Leadership ( 3 cr)
  • Integrated Leadership (1 cr)