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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the summer dates for 2022? Dates for Summer 2022 will be announced in late Fall 2021.

What does the class schedule look like on a typical day during summer session? Classes are held 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with appropriate time for other activities such as meals, Mass, and prayer.

What is the class attendance policy? Due to the intensity of the summer curriculum, absences are only accepted for serious illness, family illness, or a death in the family. Absence from summer classes that are not approved as excused by the Director will be considered unexcused absences and will result in the lowering of the final grade.

Are there weekend program commitments? All Remick Leaders participate in the opening retreat during the first weekend of each Summer. However, classes are not held on weekends to allow time for Remick Leaders to complete class assignments and to enjoy the community developed in the Summer. Participants typically attend Sunday Mass together in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart every Sunday evening at 8:30 p.m.

I am currently not employed in a Catholic school, but would someday like to be. Am I eligible for the Remick Leadership Program? No. Participation is limited to those currently in full-time employment in Catholic schools and dioceses.

I am currently not a school leader in a Catholic school, but would someday like to be. Am I eligible for the Remick Leadership Program? Yes. Our applicants range from full-time teachers to sitting principals to diocesan leaders.

I am currently employed in a Catholic school. I am thinking about changing schools next year. Can I still apply? You are welcome to apply. However, we ask that if you are discerning a move, that you maintain communication with us throughout your discernment process as shifts in employment do impact program preparations for the summer and verification of local superintendent support. 

I am currently employed in a Catholic school. Do I need to stay employed at the same Catholic school during the 25 month program? Remick Leaders often take on new leadership opportunities in other Catholic schools and (arch)dioceses during their second academic school year in our program.

Does the 5-year commitment need to be at the same school? No. It is a five-year commitment to Catholic education (two as a Remick Leader and three as a Remick graduate). As mentioned above, Remick Leaders often take on new leadership opportunities in other Catholic schools and (arch)dioceses during their second academic school year in our program.

Who should I select as an on-site mentor? Mentors are considered the on-site supervisors for the internship which occurs during the first school year after the completion of the first summer session. The mentor must be a state certified school administrator. This person is typically a building principal or diocesan leader. We advise selecting a trustworthy individual that will advocate for and support your leadership development.

Are there any other resources to help with tuition? Schools, dioceses, and religious communities often help support participants by paying a share of their tuition. In return, participants may be required to commit to remaining employed with the sponsoring group for a period of years. This employment agreement is arranged between the candidate and the scholarship provider.

I have taken a few courses at another university in education. Is it possible to transfer in some credits and have them counted toward my Notre Dame degree? Yes. Students may transfer up to six credits of coursework from another accredited institution, provided they can demonstrate that the content of the courses are similar to those required for their Notre Dame program and they earned a suitable grade.

Where will I live during the summer? Remick Leaders are housed in on-campus residence halls with central air conditioning. They share a room with another cohort member of the same sex. There are shared common bath and shower rooms at the end of each hall. Residence hall room assignments are typically co-educational by floor. Remick Leaders can request a single room at an additional cost.

Are students required to live in the on campus residence hall during the summer? No, the residence hall room and a meal pass (room and board) are included with acceptance into the program. Most students choose to live on campus for the sake of convenience, working and studying together, and the experience of community life found by living and working with colleagues. Students from the local area have on occasion lived at home while commuting and vowed religious men and women -- priests, brothers, and sisters -- have sometimes chosen to live off campus in their respective religious communities, convents, rectories, or houses.

May families and friends visit? Yes, and many do! However, family and friends are not permitted to stay with students living in the dorm. There are several hotels close to campus and one hotel on campus. Families and friends of Remick Leaders enjoy visiting campus and are always welcome to come to Mass. There are also numerous outlets on campus for meals, snacks, and recreation.