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ACE Marathon Schedule and Fundraising Information

2017 ACE Marathon Surf City

The 2019 ACE Marathon Weekend Schedule will be available soon! 

Traditionally, attendees of the ACE Marathon are asked to raise money in order to sponsor their running or spectating. This money will go directly to Saint Elizabeth Elementary in order to assist them in buying new curricular materials for Social Studies and Science and materials for beautifying the school.

Amounts Requested for Fundraising:
Full Marathon: Raise $300
Half Marathon + 5K (Run the Town): Raise $250
Half Marathon: Raise $200
Relay: Raise $150 each ($600 total)
5K, and Spectators: Raise $100

Any additional money you raise can be donated to your own school, but we would like you to consider sending all money to Saint Elizabeth or another Oakland school.

For more information on the race, or to register, visit

All money should be donated at our GoFundMe page. Feel free to share the link!

Support St. Elizabeth School!