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Proclaiming the Good News: ACE's School Pastors' Institute

Seamus Ronan on Thursday, 09 August 2018.

School Pastors' Institute

“In a world of fake news, you are proclaiming the Good News!”

So said Bishop Joseph J. Tyson of the Diocese of Yakima to a group of over 80 pastors at the summer’s first edition of the School Pastor’s Institute (SPI), a leadership formation symposium for pastors of a Catholic school.

Notre Dame Hosts Adelante Conference to Support Latino Students

Theresa Steinmeyer on Tuesday, 24 July 2018.

Adelante 2018

“When I say, ‘The future of the Church is Latino,’ I try to correct myself,” said Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C., ACE’s director of university-school partnerships, at the inaugural Adelante conference. “The present of the Church is Latino.”

"Go to the Margins": Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, Visits ACE

Theresa Steinmeyer on Thursday, 19 July 2018.

Fr. Greg Boyle Alliance for Catholic Education Notre Dame

“It is a lie, when we talk of a God that doesn’t comfort us,” Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ, told the ACE community last week. “And so we go to the margins, and we imagine a circle of compassion, and we imagine nobody’s standing outside that circle.”

7th Annual Latino Enrollment Institute Serves 190 School Leaders

Theresa Steinmeyer on Tuesday, 10 July 2018.

Latino Enrollment Institute 2018

When Jeanne von Feldt went to promote All Saints Catholic School after Mass at a local parish, she witnessed excited reactions from Latino families when they saw her t-shirt. It read “Yo [amo] las escuelas Católicas”—“I love Catholic schools”—a message of appreciation for Latino culture that von Feldt, principal of All Saints in Davenport, Iowa, and hundreds of other Catholic school leaders working with ACE’s Latino Enrollment Institute, are trying to share with families nationwide.

Three LEI Mentors Appointed to Diocesan Leadership Positions

Written by Steve McClure on Wednesday, 28 March 2018.

Since its inception, the Latino Enrollment Institute (LEI) has relied on the expertise of mentor principals to help Catholic schools around the country achieve significant enrollment gains. The experience, accountability, and personal attention that these leaders provide has been a defining characteristic of the LEI, helping Catholic school principals—and their teams—institute lasting changes.

We are excited to highlight three of our LEI Mentors who will soon have the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, and gifts with an even wider audience. Patty Lansink, Haidee Todora, and Toni Vaeth have each been promoted to new leadership positions within their—or new—(arch)diocesan Catholic schools offices.

All three of these Catholic school principals attended the LEI as participants in 2014, and for the past three years have served as mentors to other principals in the program. They were each invited to join the LEI leadership team after exhibiting exceptional sensitivity to the needs of their school communities, knowledge of best practices in working with Latino students and families, and the ability to lead their faculty/staff in this endeavor.

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