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2019 Lenten Reflections - 2nd Sunday of Lent

Michael Macaluso, Ph.D. on Sunday, 17 March 2019.

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Welcome to the second Sunday of Lent.

This week’s Gospel offers a stark contrast in tone and substance from last week’s, when we saw Jesus wandering in the desert, tempted at every turn by the devil himself. This week, Peter, John, and James go to a mountaintop to pray with Jesus, then witness Christ with Moses and Elijah. They hear a voice from heaven proclaim, “This is my son,” and Jesus stands bathed in dazzling white, shrouded in resplendent glory.

Getting Things Done...Escape Room-Style

Audrey Scott on Wednesday, 13 March 2019.

Thomas Clark Escape Room AmeriCorps

Mystery . . . clues . . . suspense . . . riddles . . . decipher . . . unlock . . . success.

Who knew math could be so intriguing?

“I’ve noticed sometimes students in class lack a little bit of motivation or excitement toward math specifically. They know it’s important, but it’s hard for them to get too excited about it,” says AmeriCorps member Thomas Clark (ACE 25, Jacksonville). “That’s where I got the idea of an escape room.”

AmeriCorps Week "Today’s Homework: Submarine Sandwiches, Basketball, and Lightsabers for All"

Audrey Scott on Monday, 11 March 2019.

In honor of AmeriCorps Week 2019, we are celebrating how our ACE Teachers are transforming the lives of the students they serve everyday in schools across the country. Follow along on our social media accounts and share your own stories with #MadeInAmeriCorps.

This story was originally published for the April 2018 ACE Newsletter.

Liam Driscoll MadeInAmeriCorps - AmeriCorps Week 2019

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.


Liam’s eyes fix on the clock above the blackboard.

Tick. Tick.

Still no sign of one of his students.

“He showed up late if he showed up at all. Not just a few minutes, like right after the bell, but I mean 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. every day,” Liam Driscoll (ACE 24, Denver) remembers.

2019 Lenten Reflections - 1st Sunday of Lent

Jodene Morrell, Ph.D. on Sunday, 10 March 2019.

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The last two lines of today’s Gospel read, “When the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from him for a time.” These three final words certainly give me pause. Lent is a powerful reminder that I need to be steadfast, to pray, fast, and give–not just during these forty days, but every day, for the temptations of the world are a constant. How I respond is the variable.

2019 Lenten Reflections - Ash Wednesday

Sr. Kathleen Carr, C.S.J., Ph.D. on Wednesday, 06 March 2019.

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We are invited on this Ash Wednesday 2019 to take account of ourselves and our personal relationship with Jesus, and to grow in that relationship. The scriptures remind us that Lent is traditionally a time for almsgiving, prayer, and fasting suggesting that these practices help us clear away that which keeps us from Jesus and sharpens our focus and desire for Him.

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