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Denver ACE Advocates: Providence, Fr. Joe's Cookies, and the Road to Damascus

on Thursday, 01 March 2018.

Denver Advocates: Fr. Joe's Cookies

Acts 9: 3-7

As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

“Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked.

“I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” he replied. “Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.”

God calls each of us by name. Where is He asking us to go? Last month, Fr. Joe Carey visited Denver and shared this reading with the city’s ACE Advocates and Teaching Fellows as they gathered to celebrate Mass and enjoy dinner. Telling the story of St. Paul’s conversion, he reminded the group that Jesus calls each person by name. Fr. Joe issued this challenge: don’t stop at being leaders in daily life; think creatively about how past ACE teachers could use their knowledge and lived experience to better guide and support new ACE Teachers.

Dr. Kathryn Baal Named as Finalist for Stanley G. Golder Leadership Award

Audrey Scott on Wednesday, 28 February 2018.


Dr. Katie Baal, a member of the first ACE cohort, has been named one of seven 2018 Stanley G. Golder Leadership Award finalists in honor of her distinguished service, commitment, and dedication to excellence in education in Illinois.

St. Patrick Catholic School Receives $10,000 to Create STEM Classroom

Theo Helm on Wednesday, 28 February 2018.

Thanks to generosity of the Florida Citrus Sports and the College Football Playoff Foundation, St. Patrick students will be able to explore more STEM opportunities

St. Patrick Catholic School Citrus Bowl STEMMr. Keith Galley (second from right) was honored at halftime of the Citrus Bowl.

When Notre Dame played LSU in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on New Year’s Day, Notre Dame walked off the field with more than just a rousing victory. St. Patrick Catholic School, a Notre Dame ACE Academy in Largo, Florida, walked away with the means to start its first STEM classroom.

Moments with Multicultural Saints: Anna Wang

Written by Jennifer Dees, M.Ed., Katy Lichon, Ph.D., Clare Roach, M.Ed. on Tuesday, 27 February 2018.

This is our latest installment of the English as a New Language Program’s Moments with Multicultural Saints, intended to provide useful classroom takeaways that will help you to broaden perspectives, teach about the universal Church, and find inspiration from saints from around the world. This month, we highlight the life of Saint Anna Wang. You will find two different versions below, tailored to the appropriate age range of your students.

"Don't go to where you're comfortable. Go to where you're needed."

Audrey Scott on Tuesday, 27 February 2018.

Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Denver Elias Moo reflects back on his journey in Catholic education, and looks forward to new challenges.

Elias Moo Superintendent Denver

“My first encounter with Notre Dame was Rudy”.

Elias Moo was at his Oxnard, California, high school’s college fair when his guidance counselor asked if he had gone to the Notre Dame table and what he thought of them. Moo answered, “Yeah, I did. I don’t really remember the conversation. I remember getting some packets from them, but I don’t even know where Notre Dame is.” She asked, “You’ve never heard of Notre Dame? Have you ever seen the movie Rudy?” After Elias answered “no” to both questions, his counselor told him, “I have a homework assignment for you. We’ll talk more about Notre Dame tomorrow, tonight you go home and watch the movie Rudy.”

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