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Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program

Renée Stoeckle: Winning Hearts Through Data and Doctrine

on Thursday, 27 July 2017.

By: Darby Evans, ACE Communications

Renee Stoeckle Step Up for Students

For Catholic education to continue and thrive in America, we need more proponents on the political frontlines. We need advocates who are willing to speak with policymakers, pastors, and parents to ensure that Catholic education is available to all families, regardless of wealth or status. Specifically, we need more people like Renée Stoeckle.

ACE Honors Three Graduates with Pressley Awards

Theo Helm on Monday, 17 July 2017.

As part of an annual tradition recognizing the outstanding work of its graduates and supporters, the University of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) honored three members of the Catholic education community who have set themselves apart with their commitment to their fields of expertise.

Celebrating Father Ron Nuzzi

on Thursday, 25 May 2017.

By: Lauren Kloser

Fr. Ronald Nuzzi

We look back at 15 years with Father Ron Nuzzi, who will retire and join Notre Dame’s emeritus faculty June 30. Father Nuzzi came to ACE in 2002 to lead the development and implementation of our Catholic school leadership program, which has grown into the nationally recognized Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program

Stephanie Becker: Creating Connections for a More Joyous World

on Wednesday, 18 January 2017.

By: Lauren Kloser

Steph Becker Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary Schools Partnership NYC

For Stephanie Becker, no step on her journey as a Catholic educator has been alone. As she has worked to become the Academic Dean for Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School, a Catholic school that is a part of the Partnership Schools Network in New York City, she has found that each stop on her way has been supported by those who inspired Steph to a fuller and more joyful participation in the mission of Catholic education.

Seeking First the Kingdom: Curtis Kleisinger and Mother Teresa Middle School

Matt Rhodes on Wednesday, 05 October 2016.

Mother Teresa Middle School Seeking First the Kingdom

Since its founding, ACE has graduated nearly 2,000 teachers and leaders. These teachers and leaders have continued to support and transform Catholic education, both directly and indirectly, by living out a commitment to community, spirituality, and professionalism. In an era obsessed with measurement, it is both tempting and worthwhile to quantify the successes and contributions of our graduates. This post, one in a series of stories from our graduates, is an attempt to capture that which numbers sometimes fail to tell: the nuances and nitty gritty details of moments—sometimes small, sometimes large—through which the mission of ACE continues in the everyday lives of its graduates.