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Catholic Schools Go Beyond Academics to Meet a Range of Students' Needs

Written by William Schmitt on Thursday, 28 March 2013.

ACE Scholar's New Book Informs Mission of Care for the Whole Person

Schools must give all children the maximum opportunity for learning—a goal which requires not only academic excellence but support for the mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs of their students. That goes without saying in the context of a Catholic school's caring community, emphasizing respect for the whole person, but a new book from an Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) scholar at the University of Notre Dame will help educators understand and meet these needs more holistically and effectively.

James M. Frabutt, Ph.D., an experienced teacher of tomorrow's educational leaders and an expert in child development, has written Beyond Academics: Supporting the Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health of Students in Catholic Schools. Readers will come away better prepared to understand and deal with the prevalence of these health issues, as well as their intersection with the Catholic school mission—helping children achieve their God-given potential.

"This book uniquely captures evidence-driven best practices for educating multi-faceted human beings and the faith perspectives that anchor those practices in a Catholic school context," says Frabutt. "All schools need to do a better job of going beyond academics, but the book will give Catholic educators particular hope that they can do so in a distinctive, strategic, and integrated way."

An experienced faculty member in ACE's Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program and author of nationally recognized studies addressing Catholic school challenges, Frabutt provides an authoritative overview of statistics, trends, and action-oriented research to help Catholic educators combine higher academic achievement, holistic student wellness, and overall school improvement.

Frabutt, scheduled as one of the presenters at the April 2-4 convention of the National Catholic Educational Association, has coauthored books including Steadfast in Faith, Striving for Balance: The Notre Dame Study of Catholic Elementary School Principals and Building Assets: The Strategic Use of Closed Catholic Schools. At the Houston convention, he and co-presenter Rachel Waldron will speak on "Educating the Youngest Hearts and Minds: The Landscape of Catholic Preschool Education."

Before joining the faculty of ACE's Remick Leadership Program at Notre Dame, Frabutt served as Deputy Director of the Center for Youth, Family, and Community Partnerships at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG). Prior to that, he was the Director of the Division for the Prevention of Youth Violence and Aggression at the Center for the Study of Social Issues at UNCG.

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