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In the Spotlight: Sam Wernick Says He's in "Great Company"

on Friday, 18 January 2013.

This Johns Hopkins graduate just finished his first semester in the ACE Teaching Fellows (STT) program, and so far, so good. "The first few months have been really rewarding," he says.

Teaching fifth graders in Rio Grande City, Texas is a far cry from studying political science in Baltimore, Maryland, where Sam earned his bachelor's degree last May.  Just the same, the STT experience has been positive for him, largely because of the people he's met. 

Sam speaks highly of his students. "They are great," he says, "and I really enjoy learning from them as much as I (try to) teach them. They have been so welcoming of me into the Mexican culture; it has really helped me to understand them and genuinely made me happy."

At the same time, the native Texan and his fifth graders enjoy a mutual love for the Lone Star State. "We have really come to form this bond," he says, "through sharing where we come from and where we want to go." In fact, some of his best moments so far have taken place outside the classroom, just swapping stories with his students.

Sam speaks highly of his peers in the STT program, too. "Getting to know so many amazing people is my favorite part of ACE. It really is an honor to be in such great company."

To learn more about the ACE Teaching Fellows program, click here.

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