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Introducing Anchor Point and Grace Period, Spiritual Resources from ACE

on Wednesday, 17 February 2021.

Grace Period Anchor Point, Spiritual Resources from the Alliance for Catholic Education

As teachers and school leaders face these days of darkness, the Alliance for Catholic Education invites you to join us as we walk toward the light that our faith tells us lies ahead.

Each Monday, join us for Grace Period, a weekly series of audio reflections by Fr. Lou DelFra, CSC, designed to meet your busy schedule as teachers and educators and help you pause, listen for God’s voice in your life, and begin anew.

And each day, we invite you to pray Anchor Point, a daily prayer to proclaim God’s love to begin the day and proclaim God’s faithfulness as the day draws to a close.

We pray that each of you find grace in each day, and we thank you for all you do for Catholic schools.

Grace Period

Week 2: Hope is a Gift

Fr. Lou focuses on the faint stirring in Noah's heart which gets him out of bed and calls him to action—even when that action seems a bit absurd given the circumstances. 

That stirring is hope.

Hope is a gift, a divine gift offered by God right into our hearts that then seeps from our hearts into our limbs.

Our prayer this week is to be evermore open to this gift, which our classrooms and communities so need—God's gift of hope.

Week 1: Noah and the Global Flood

As we move through these final months of the pandemic, Fr. Lou looks at another global crisis, a Biblical one, perhaps the global crisis ever recorded, and the spiritual gifts it called forth among God’s people.

Grace Period Anchor Point, Spiritual Resources from the Alliance for Catholic Education

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praise to your name, Most High, to proclaim your love at daybreak, your faithfulness in the night” (Psalm 92:2-3)

Proclaiming God’s Love at Daybreak

Christ, our Light,
Thank you for the gift of this day.
I open myself to receive the gift of your light, your hope.
So may my day and all that I think, say, and do in it,
Be filled with my awareness of Your presence.

Christ, our Teacher,
I pray that the gift of your grace will grant me eyes to see your love at work
In the faces of my students and their families,
my colleagues, my family, and my friends,
And all whom I encounter today.

Christ, our Hope,
Grant me a heart filled with the joy of your presence,
and the call and courage to share that joy with all who may be burdened this day.
Open me, when I am burdened, to the joy and light offered me by others.
And so, let this day become a prayer of gratitude to you.


Proclaiming God’s Faithfulness in the Night

As the day draws to a close, Lord, I ask for your grace as I reflect upon this day.

    • Where have I seen light in this day? Where have I seen hope in this day?
    • In whom did I see the face of Christ today? Where might I have missed the face of Christ?
    • When did I feel called to meet the burdens of others? When did I have the courage to allow others to meet me in my own burdens?

In gratitude, Lord, for all of the ways you have been faithful to me today, I pray all of these things in the name of your Son, Christ, Our Teacher.


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