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Introducing "Think. Pair. Share." A Modern Education Podcast

Audrey Scott on Wednesday, 16 December 2020.

Think. Pair. Share. A Modern Education Podcast - John Schoenig

Think. Pair. Share. brings you stories about education and the people who make it happen. We start with the premise that information is being shared all around us in big and small ways, often at the same time. A conversation can teach you how to split an atom even as you learn the favorite color of the person sitting opposite you. Education is not simply about the giving and receiving of information, but rather having an enlightening experience.

Listen, connect, grow with us.

Understanding John Schoenig: From handy super powers to the origins of school choice in America

December 16, 2020
John Schoenig, ACE’s senior director of teacher formation and education policy, shares some thoughts on why school choice matters, Catholic education in light of the pandemic, and how Jack Nicholson and Prince left a stamp on his childhood.

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