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"School Choice: Friend To Justice And Integration" from Forbes

on Thursday, 16 August 2018.

Government-dictated school segregation through much of American history was a gross injustice, treating people unequally under the law and crushing their rights to associate freely with others. School choice is the opposite, grounded in the right of all to freely choose their schools rather than have government decide to whom school doors will be opened or closed. Yet a column in the New York Times asserts that “choice is the enemy of justice.”

Columnist Erin Aubrey Kaplan is frustrated that charter schools enable people to attend institutions that are not racially integrated, violating “a social contract” that, she intimates, promises integration. She doesn’t identify where or how that contract is spelled out, but her frustration is utterly understandable: Long after legally mandated segregation ended, racial integration still seems incredibly far off.

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