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ACE Teaching Fellows Parent RetreatQuestions abound for the parents of those who have just finished their first year in ACE Teaching Fellows. “Just what is this program that has taken my child through the fires of full time teaching and Masters coursework simultaneously?!” In response, the ACE team offers an on-campus retreat just for parents of second-summer ACErs. During the three day event, parents hear presentations, swap stories, worship together, and learn first-hand just what ACE is and how it works.

Dubbed a can't-miss event by participating parents each year, all those whose sons and daughters are entering their second year of ACE are warmly welcome. This year's retreat, for ACE 23 parents, will take place July 26-28, 2017. Visit the links above or contact Andrew Whittington at  for more information.

We ask for parents and other significant adults in the life of your ACE teacher to please register by Sunday, April 23rd this year. Please contact Andrew with any questions or extenuating circumstances.