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We asked PATHfinder scholars, "What 3 words best describe your PATH experience?”

PATH Word Cloud - What three words best describe your PATH experience?

100% of the Leaders in Training want to become PATH Teachers and are considering teaching as a career!

“I didn’t know about all those options… now I really want to go to college.”  - Tanee, Rising 7th grade PATHfinder

“Every day I spend here reaffirms my desire to work in education.” - Richard, 10th grade Leader in Training

“When we started, we were St. John’s kids and Santa Cruz kids, but now we’re all PATH kids.” - Isabelle, Rising 7th grade PATHfinder (4 days into her Summer Experience)

“I want to come back tomorrow, but I’m not scheduled to… is that alright?” - Yvette, Instructional Coach

“I’m going to MY classroom to plan MY lessons… which is a cool thing to say.” - Tim, Aspiring Teacher

“I feel I will be a better teacher from this experience.” - PATH Instructional Coach

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  • Yvonne Chavez -  - 520.965.8091
  • Ryan Clark, Ph.D. - - 574.631.8991

Calendar and Timeline

  • PATH Teacher Onboarding: May 31 - June 11
  • PATHfinders’ Summer: June 14 - July 16
  • PATH Teacher Wrap-Up: July 19 -20

Applications for the position of PATH Intern Teacher for current Notre Dame undergrads seeking participation in the Summer Service Learning Program are currently on a rolling basis.  All other applications to be a PATH Intern Teacher in Tucson this summer are due February 16.


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