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PATH Summer Experience

“I just want the evenings to go by fast so I can get back to PATH! I wish PATH could be all day!”

-Matthew, Rising 7th Grade PATHfinder

PATH Summer Experience

The PATH Summer Experience is an optional three-summer commitment for the summers after 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

PATHfinders are middle school scholars that spend at least five weeks at a host high school diving into a dynamic summer of academic enrichment, character formation, and college preparation.

PATH Teachers are highly talented undergraduate students of all backgrounds working with professional educators as their instructional coaches. Each day incorporates core academic class time, two meals, electives, skits, small groups, physical activity, and opportunities for prayer. PATH Teachers spend two weeks training and preparing prior to the PATHfinders’ arrival and one week wrapping up after.

PATH Teachers

“By far one of my best job experiences!”

- PATH staff member

PATH Teachers
  • The PATH Teaching position is a wholistic and dynamic internship exposing college undergrads to an experience of all aspects of work as an educator.
  • PATH Teachers’ primary responsibility is planning and teaching of a five-week English, literature, math or science block.
  • PATH Teachers have the support of an intensive two-week teacher training and ongoing support of an Instructional Coach in the teaching area assigned in addition to the benefit of small class size (typically 10 students).
  • Outside of the core teaching time, PATH Teachers lead a creative elective based on his/her interests and the interests of the students.
  • PATH Teachers take part in work much like that of a camp counselor in creating a joy-filled atmosphere before classes, during meals, and in the afternoon.
  • PATH Teachers work to plan and implement high energy and interactive greetings, cheers, songs, games, prayer services, and skits to build a college-going culture of joy, curiosity, welcoming, and kindness.
  • PATH Teachers plan and chaperone field trips during the summer program which will include visits to college campuses, service projects, and team building activities.
  • An opportunity to teach, mentor, and accompany some amazing middle school scholars
  • Over 100 hours of training and professional development
  • Ongoing observation, feedback, assistance, and support from an Instructional Coach
  • A community built on a faith-driven desire to seek educational equity
  • Participation in ACE’s first teaching internship
  • A $3,000 stipend (and housing, if needed)
  • The opportunity to get to know a new city and community on a deeper level
  • Leadership roles for events and committees- truly, you’ll have a hand in shaping the program for years to come!
Eligibility / Who We Look For 
  • Current high school seniors through current college juniors
  • Leaders with passion for their subject area, faith, justice, and community
  • Individuals interested in getting a small taste of what a career in education would be like (from any and all areas of study)
  • Humble and open participants in the wider community who respect and honor the dignity of all backgrounds
  • Animated change agents looking to be a part of a solution to the injustice in our educational system
“Day in the Life” of a PATH Teacher
Sample Summer Schedule
6:45am Arrive at school and prep for the day (check-in with co-workers, make copies, etc.)
7:30am Faculty Meeting
7:50am Bus Greeting / Game
8:15am Breakfast
8:45am “Raise the Roof” (morning assembly)
9:15am Teach 7th Grade Math
10:00am Snack
10:15am Planning Period (coaching meeting, observe another class, prep for next period, etc.)
11:00am Teach 7th Grade Math
11:45am Planning Period (coaching meeting, observe another class, prep for the afternoon, etc.)
12:30pm Lunch (and lots of cheering/singing!)
1:00pm “Making it Meaningful” (skit)
1:30pm “Bringing it Back” (small group discussions)
2:00pm Electives
2:45pm P.A.T. (Physical Activity Time)
3:30pm Wrap-Up/Clean-Up
3:45pm “God In All Things” (prayer)
4:00pm Buses depart
4:15pm Faculty Meeting
4:45pm Committee Meetings
5:15pm Individual Work Time
6:00pm Teachers Depart
PATH Summer Vocabulary

PATH Summer VocabularyRaise the Roof - High energy morning assembly to bring absolute focus to daily and weekly character strengths and behaviors

Make it Meaningful - Skits emphasizing the objective of morning assembly

Bring it Back - Small group opportunities (facilitated by a PATH teacher) for students to discuss personal connections to daily and weekly strengths and behaviors

God in All Things - Time for praying and for honoring students who live values-based behaviors with excellence and joy (shout-outs)

PAT (Physical Activity Time) - Opportunity for students to be physically active and play indoor and outdoor games with teachers and staff

PATHfinders - Middle school (rising 7th - rising 9th grade) students enrolled in the PATH Summer Program

PATH Teachers - College students serving as teachers in the PATH Summer Program

ICs (Instructional Coaches) - Current teachers from local schools serving as summer instructional coaches supporting PATH teachers

Contact Us!

Want to learn more about PATH? Please reach out!

  •  - 574.631.3438

Calendar and Timeline

  • PATH Teacher Onboarding: May 31 - June 11
  • PATHfinders’ Summer: June 14 - July 16
  • PATH Teacher Wrap-Up: July 19 -20

Applications for the position of PATH Intern Teacher for current Notre Dame undergrads seeking participation in the Summer Service Learning Program are currently on a rolling basis.  All other applications to be a PATH Intern Teacher in Tucson this summer are due February 16.

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