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Improving Implementation


Talent Deployment

We believe that talent deployment is integral to school and school system transformation. The PEA stewards the strategic deployment of talent from ACE’s broader formation portfolio, which includes ACE Teaching Fellows, the Remick Leadership Program, the Center for Transformational Educational Leadership, the School Pastors Institute, the Latino Enrollment Institute, the Center for STEM Education, and the English as a New Language Program. These approximately 350 teachers, pastors, and school leaders are deployed to cities across the country. By cultivating “ACE Talent Hotbeds” in various choice markets, the PEA is increasing quality educational opportunities for low-income families.

High Performers Strategy Sessions

In an effort to demonstrate the capacity of choice policy to drive measurable growth in the number of low-income children in high-performing schools, the PEA hosts annual strategy sessions. One session invites leaders of the highest performing faith-based schools serving low-income children and one is a “cross-sector” gathering of leaders from both the faith-based and charter sectors. These leaders work to identify the necessary features that have driven their success and explore possibilities to share best practice among other operators. 

Notre Dame ACE Academies Support

In an effort to expand and enhance the Notre Dame ACE Academies network’s capacity to provide a high-quality Catholic education to as many at-risk children as possible, the PEA helps lead Notre Dame ACE Academies scholarship tax credit fundraising initiative. This effort is presently focused on leveraging Notre Dame networks in the corporate community to maximize corporate participation in the Arizona tax credit program but will expand according to tax credit opportunities in new Notre Dame ACE Academies sites. This support is primarily in the form of corporate prospect research and cultivation and formalizing partnerships with relevant SGOs.