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Forming Leaders

Reform Leaders Summit

Launched in 2009, the Reform Leaders Summit (previously named the Parental Choice Symposium (PCS)) is a leadership formation enterprise for aspiring education reform leaders seeking to develop skills in advocacy, policy design, grassroots mobilization, and program administration. The Summit cultivates a robust talent pipeline for the educational choice movement by forming imaginative and well-informed leaders dedicated to advancing sophisticated private school choice policy.

Over the course of the past seven years, the Summit has trained more than 100 choice leaders, including executive directors of education reform and scholarship organizations, school and school system leaders, and graduate students.

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The School Pastors’ Institute

The PEA works closely with ACE’s School Pastor’s Institute (SPI), a leadership formation program designed to assist School Pastors to develop skills in areas integral to leading a Catholic school, including cultivating vibrant Catholic school culture, promoting teacher and principal accountability, working with diverse populations of students, and providing thoughtful management, and public policy advocacy. Over the course of the past six years, the SPI has served just under 1000 Pastors, including more than 150 pastors from states with a current educational choice program, and many more in states advancing meaningful policy reform.

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