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Strengthening Advocacy


Bishops’ Conversations Series

The PEA leads a dialogue with Catholic (arch)bishops across the country to discuss the Church’s integral role in the enactment and implementation of well designed parental choice programs. Each year, the PEA hosts at least one informal gathering of a small group of (arch)bishops for such a strategy session on Catholic school revitalization. The objective of these conversations is to mobilize (arch)bishops on advocating for and helping to implement such legislation. Since its inception, the PEA has worked with approximately 100 prominent (arch)bishops.

Latino Leaders' Education Policy Symposium

Each year, the PEA leads a gathering of Latino legislative, municipal, and corporate leaders to examine issues relevant K-12 education reform, with a particular focus on parental choice. This gathering, sponsored in conjunction with the Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (CREO) was launched in November 2011 with a strategy session including Latino leaders from Arizona, Colorado, and Texas.