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Anasthasie Liberiste-Osirus, Ed.D.

Senior Associate Director, ACE Haiti, Language and Literacy Education


Anasthasie N. Liberiste-Osirus brings considerable expertise in literacy education and teacher training that enhances ACE's continued work to increase student achievement for Haitian children. Her educational philosophy consists of developing an affective environment within the classroom that produces practical and authentic results. She is also committed to assisting at-risk students and rural teachers in Haiti understand the fundamentals of literacy development. 

Before joining ACE-Haiti, Liberiste-Osirus served as an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Teacher and Reading Specialist for primary grades in Orlando, FL.  After witnessing the impact that access to high quality resources and the proper support systems had on her neediest students' academic and language success, Liberiste-Osirus had a desire to provide that same level of access to individuals in the most impoverished areas both nationally and internationally. 

Through a doctoral fellowship at Nova Southeastern University, Liberiste-Osirus had the opportunity to teach and work on initiatives in Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Haiti. During her fellowship, she also worked on community projects that included language and literacy workshops at parent resource centers and evaluation of literacy programs concentrated on poor inner-city children within high immigrant populations. After graduation, Liberiste-Osirus moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she worked again with second-language students at the secondary level and began traveling to Haiti to conduct teacher workshops focused on literacy education. In 2011, she accepted a position as an assistant professor of literacy education at a college just outside of Atlanta. In 2016, she joined ACE Haiti, where she continues to focus on initiatives built around language and literacy education.

Liberiste-Osirus received a bachelor's degree in linguistics from the University of Florida, a master's degree in science in reading education from Nova Southeastern University, a master's degree of education in instructional technology/design from Valdosta State University, and a doctorate of education in instructional and organizational leadership from Nova Southeastern.

Liberiste-Osirus enjoys reading and traveling with her husband and four energetic sons. Her project interests consist of second language reading, program evaluation, instructional design, and professional development initiatives.

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